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Presentation of new Family Chronicle 

        Friday December 10th, 2004 several members of the Furnée Family gathered in Heesch to prepare 
        for the presentation by Femke Furnée (1986) about her family line. It was the successful completion of 
        a historical project at Femke's school (VWO). The students researched their respective family 
        histories, gathered information and tried to find out how family life changed over the years.

        After a nice informal gathering at Femke's home, where several family matters were discussed,
        Maarten, Annelies, Femke, Carla, Jeannette, Pieter en Willem went to the Maasland College in 
        Oss where Marijke joined the club.

        After an enthousiastic introduction of the history teacher, each family went to their respective 
        class rooms where the host (in our case Femke) presented the results of her research. 

        First Femke told us about the history of the Furnée family starting at Willem Jan Hendrik Furnée, 
        the founder of the Bank Furnée & Co, up to the history of her grandfather Paul Furnée. 
        Then her father, Maarten took over and told us about his childhood en family life. 

        Femke ended with her personal memories and plans for the future. 
        It was the trip more than worth  to attend this very nice family gathering,
        to learn new facts about our family, to cherish the family ties and to experience the warm 
        atmosphere at school.

       At the end we visited the class rooms with other family stories, ranging from chinese, vietnamese 
       to zeeuwse families. We were treated with all kinds of delicious family made delicacies. And 
       most important of all, Femke gave us a copy of her family chronicle.
       A memorable evening!  



Furnee familie already existent before 1750??

The family name Furnee appears already before 1700 in the UK and the US. It appears that "furnee" is and old English word meaning "ferny".These Furnee's (without accent on the first e are not related to the Furnée's!



Newly discovered members of the Furnée clan have been added to the family tree.

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